Why Choose Us?

Our Pro-dry Carpet Cleaning System

Finally a carpet cleaning system without the dangerous over-wetting of steam or the soapy residue of shampoo. Our water based, non-toxic, cleaning solvent is applied in a fine mist to your carpet fiber. The most important aspect of our cleaning process is that your carpet never gets soaked, as in “steam” cleaning. Thus, there is no chance of mold, bacteria, or allergens being released. We then clean your carpet using a patented “Bonnet/Brush” system. The brush lifts and separates the carpet fiber driving dirt and moisture to the surface where it is then absorbed into a high absorbency pad. The net result is that you can walk on your carpets immediately and they will be dry in about an hour. All of our cleaning solutions are environmentally safe for your family and pets.

Our Business

Lustre Clean has been in business since 1979, having cleaned tens of thousands of homes and businesses. We understand that no matter what the cleaning process; the most important component of any business is the competence of its employees.